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Supermom Attempts To Change Diapers Of Triplets & High-Energy Toddler, Her Footage Is Too Funny.

Any new parent can attest to some of the difficulties that come with child-rearing. There’s one requirement that comes in the first stages that is one to be dreaded: The changing of diapers.

While this activity is somewhat crude, it’s actually somewhat of an art form. It require an ability to work under pressure, a steady hand and a lot of optimism.

So, as if changing ‘booty napkins’ isn’t hard enough, Mrs.  Gibson decided that she needed to up the ante even more… By multi-tasking diaper-changing. We’re not talking one or two babies, this mom has three munchkins running around the bed with bare bums.

While stressful and a bit daunting, this extreme mommy challenge is a complete delight to watch!

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