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Crowd Goes Wild When Mom Sprints Onto Soccer Field To Tackle Runaway Toddler.

When Morgan Tucker’s employer offered her club seats on the sidelines of a Major League Soccer game, she jumped at the chance to go.

The Moscow, Ohio, mom’s 2-year-old son Zaydek loves soccer, so she figured the game would be a great way to introduce him to the sport and have a little family fun. Little did she know that she and Zaydek would be on the news by the end of the night!

mom holding son in stadium seat

The game between FC Cincinnati and Orlando City FC had been going on for about 70 minutes when Morgan glanced away from her toddler for a split second. Seasoned parents know this is all the time it takes for a little one to bolt, and that’s exactly what Zaydek did.

“I literally looked away for one second and saw he was under the fence and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,'” Morgan said. “I had to jump over the gate and then sprinted after him.”

Without missing a beat, she dashed across the field in the middle of the action, scooping the runaway up in her arms and accidentally tackling them both to the ground. The crowd went wild when they realized what was happening.

“Everyone was screaming and cheering and I knew they were not cheering for the game,” Morgan explained. “My face was as red as a tomato.”

Yes, Morgan said she definitely felt that tackle when she woke up the next day! Thankfully, the adrenaline was flowing, and Morgan and Zaydek made it off the field unharmed. When she later asked Zaydek why he dashed onto the field, he said he just wanted to get closer to the players.

“He was just running after them,” she said. “He was just laughing and had no idea what he did.”

Officials caught up with Morgan and Zaydek after the game and handed the toddler the game ball to keep! While Zaydek most likely won’t even remember this when he gets older, it’s definitely a moment his mother won’t soon forget.

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