Mom Has Perfect Response When Daughter Asks Why They “Don’t Have A Cool Car.”

A mom explaining that a paid off car is the coolest kind of car.

Kids have absolutely no filter when it comes to curiosity. If they have a question, they ask it. No holds barred. As parents, we aren’t always sure how to answer some of these questions diplomatically. However, Erin Monroe had the perfect answer when her daughter asked why the family doesn’t have a cool car. Not embarrassed by the reference to her “mom car,” Erin told her daughter exactly why their car was the coolest on the block.

Images of Erin Monroe explaining that her daughter was asking why the family doesn't have a cool car.
Image from TikTok.

She explained, “We have the coolest car available on the road today, and that is a paid-off car.” The happy mom continued to explain that she had no car payment. The curious daughter still had questions, though, asking if not having a car payment means you can afford a new car.

Stock image of a Toyota Tercel. I typical mom car when they first came out.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Erin responded quickly, saying, “Not around here, partner.” The rest of the explanation is hilarious and spot-on about the allure of older cars. “This car might be 11 years old and have 190,000 miles on it, but we are gonna drive her until the wheels fall off and the engine explodes on the side of the highway.” She continued elaborating on repair costs and mentioned that the family does have savings set aside for a new car eventually.

Stock image of an SUV loaded for a family trip. SUVs have become the current mom car.
Image from Flickr.

When it comes to repairing “non-essential items,” Erin says those will stay broken. “The backup camera doesn’t work. That’s fine. I learned to parallel park without one. The radio works when it wants to. Also fine.” There were more revelations about the temperature gauge showing that outside temps were 100 degrees, followed by a brief glimpse of the snowscape of New York behind her.

Images showing that the temp gauge may say 100 degrees but it is snowing in New York.
Images from TikTok.

Erin finishes, “There is nothing cooler than a car that is paid off, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.” So, when your kids ask you about getting a cool car, you can follow the example set by Erin. There is nothing wrong with having a mom car that is paid off. Please share this if you and other parents find yourselves answering similar questions about your mom car.

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