Mom Battling Cancer Joyfully Sobs When Her Family Reveals Their Special Surprise.

A bald woman looks shocked with her mouth open and her eyes wide. She and five other look at something that can’t be seen in the photo. Everyone looks elated.

Family means everything to Brenda Overson of Arizona. Luckily, when her son, Nick Hancock, moved to Brazil and got married to a woman named Julia, she was able to make it to their wedding. But when it came time for them to welcome their first child into the world, Brenda’s life took an unexpected turn. With tickets for a flight to Brazil ready, she found out she had stage three ovarian cancer.


Unable to make it to the birth of her granddaughter, Zara, she had no choice but to patiently wait for the day they could meet. Years full of chemotherapy passed and Brenda still hadn’t had the opportunity to see Nick, Julia, or Zara. Still, plans were being made, and she looked forward to the day they’d finally reunite. Little did she know, that day would arrive much sooner than she thought it would!

Thanks to Nick’s love for surprising people, him and the rest of their family were able to surprise Brenda. It started with a grandson pretending to want to show her a magic trick. He told her he wanted to “disappear” behind a blanket but, in reality, it was a sneaky way to reveal Nick, Julia, and Zara!

A video capturing the moment shows Brenda cry tears of joy when she realizes she’s finally in the same room as them after nearly two years. What joy she must have felt in that moment!

Watch Brenda’s tearjerking reaction to this wholesome surprise in the video below.

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