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“Missing” Koi Return To Their Pond And Their Canine BFF Could Not Be Happier!

Morty the corgi searching for koi fish in pond

We can never be certain what goes through an animal’s mind, but sometimes we can make a pretty good guess!

Maple and Morty are corgi siblings in Portland, Oregon with quite a following – their TikToks have more than 8.4 million likes! A particularly popular video of Morty shares his heartwarming bond with the koi that live in their backyard pond. The pond has an enviable stone-lined structure, but it occasionally gets clogged with pine needles and debris.

When that happens, the koi are temporarily transported out of their usual home, leaving Morty both confused and concerned. This happened again recently except, this time, they captured his response. His worried reaction is absolutely precious!

You can almost hear him saying, “What happened to my fish buddies?”

Never fear, though; once the water returned to its normal level the koi resurfaced as well. Morty was clearly very happy to see that his friends were back and better than ever!

Just look at his cute little face! Morty is absolutely adorable, and it’s so heartwarming that he was worried about his fish friends. No wonder these videos are so popular!

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