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Missing 12-Yr-Old Found After K9 Officer Tracks Scent For Miles In Freezing Temperatures.

Last Wednesday, a Massachusetts family experienced every parent’s worst nightmare: Their child went missing. According to the Auburn MA Police Department, the 12-year-old child went missing at night, making the freezing temperatures all-the-more dangerous. The missing child was eventually found by a clever K9 officer but, first, hours passed without a trace of them.

During these terrifying hours, a variety of folks gathered to help. This includes the Auburn police officers and troops as well as detectives from the Detective Bureau. As the night progressed and temperatures continued to drop, time was of the essence.

Close up of K9 Officer Biza of the Auburn MA Police Department. She's standing in snow and there's a bit of snow on her face.

Finally, Officer Ljunggren made a discovery. Or rather, their K9 partner, Biza, did. This clever canine picked up the 12-year-old’s scent, sending them on a two-mile trek to a telling location. Here, there was evidence that the missing child had been there recently.

Missing Massachusetts Child Found By Clever K9 Officer

Soon enough, this evidence led officers right to the child — best of all, they were safe!

K9 Officer Biza of the Auburn MA Police Department sits on grass. A sign in front of her reads:

Biza's first day of school.
I am 1.5 years old.
I love: treats
I wan to be a Police K9 when I grow up

Biza’s first day of training was in September 2022. In the years that followed, she’s proven time and time again to be a valuable, life-saving team member. For this, the officers and child’s family couldn’t be more grateful.

“The child was reunited with their family and is safe,” the Auburn Police Department shares. “We are proud of the hard work put in by K9 Biza and are happy to report a positive outcome!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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