Meet Miss Bones, The Dog Who Can’t Get Enough Of Her Favorite “Chair.”

Our pets have unlimited potential when it comes to making us laugh.


Whether they’re making funny faces, acting goofy, or just hanging out, there’s something about them that puts a smile on our face even on the gloomiest day.

Patti Sue of Fort Worth, Texas, shares her home with two big, beautiful puppers named Cooper and Miss Bones. Patti often shares stories and pictures of their life together on the Dogspotting Society Facebook page. Her contributions are always a hit, but her recent entry in their ongoing “Weird Dog Challenge” was so popular the post went viral!

“I submit, for your consideration, Miss Bones and her favorite ‘chair,’ Cooper,” Patti wrote.

What followed was a series of pictures showing Miss Bones plunking her big ol’ dog butt down on her canine brother. This would be funny if it only happened once or twice, but it seems to be a hilarious daily occurrence in Patti’s house!

While it looks pretty comfortable for Miss Bones, we’re not so sure how Cooper feels about it. Judging by his resigned facial expressions, he’s pretty used to being a chair at this point.

Patti’s Facebook post received thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

“This is the most adorable post I have ever seen in this group!” a new Miss Bones fan wrote. Another observed, “The entire couch is available for her to sit and yet….”

Other commenters speculated about Miss Bones’ choice to sit on top of her brother, including separation anxiety and dominance issues.

“In case there was any question as to who is the alpha, please see Exhibit A,” one person joked.

No matter what her reason is, each of these pictures makes us so happy! These two are clearly the best of friends, so we’re thinking Miss Bones prefers to sit on Cooper out of pure (hilarious) love!

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