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Mischievous Kiddos Attempt A Break-In When Dad Escapes For 2 Minutes Of Alone Time.

Two kids are trying to use a flashlight and a butterknife to break into a bedroom. We see this from the angle of a camera that has been slid under a door.

It seems that, once you become a parent, the concept of privacy becomes a mere memory. Gone are the days where you could choose to have a moment of alone time whenever you want. When this Dad tried, he decided to capture the moment on his phone. He just wanted to get a two minute break, but his kiddos had plans of their own.

By the time the video starts, Dad has managed to sneak away into his room and lock the door. But his kids are quick to notice and are undeterred by the lock. In order to know exactly what they were up to now that he couldn’t see them, he hit record on his phone before carefully sliding it under the door. Suddenly, we can see two little ones attempting a break-in.

While holding a flashlight, one of the kids attempted to use a butterknife to unlock the door. The second child watched, stuffed animal in hand. When this rather clever plan didn’t work, the kid lightly stabbed the door, exclaiming in an adorable voice, “Just work already!”

Why were these kiddos so desperate for Dad’s attention? In their words, they wanted him to “scare” them. As people in the comments have jokingly pointed out, Dad might have been the one scared at that point!

Watch this Dad do his best (and fail) to get a moment of alone time in the video below.

To take a break from the kids
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