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“Miracle Ring” Plucked From Ashes Gives Hope To Couple Who Lost Nearly Everything.

A two-photo collage. The one on the left is of Lindsey and Matthew Fuller smile as they hold their smiling baby boy. They're posing outside with trees behind them. The one on the right is a close up of someone holding Lindsey's engagement ring after it was found among their burned items. Much of the band of the ring is burned black, but the diamond looks nearly untouched.

When a Utah couple lost nearly everything they own, an item most precious was discovered in the ashes, reminding them of an important message: They still have each other.

Lindsey and Matthew Fuller, along with their baby boy, were recently bound for Wichita, Kanas when they stopped for the night in Colorado. While they rested in a hotel, the belongings they were taking to their new home were kept in a trailer in the parking lot. The next morning, however, everything was gone.

“Police were able to track down one suitcase that was dumped thanks to an airtag, but the truck and trailer with everything else are still missing,” Cassidy Huish shared on the GoFundMe set up for the Fuller family. “All their clothes, furniture, and baby items are gone.”

Although the Denver-area fire investigator was able to track down their trailer, when found, it was severely burned. Lindsey and Matthew were hopeful they’d be able to recover some items, but seeing the aftermath of the fire was a devastating blow.

Countless precious belongings were on that trailer, including Lindsey’s engagement ring.

“We call it the ‘miracle ring’ because that’s not the first time it’s been lost,” Lindsey told KSL. “We thought even if we find nothing else, this ring is so precious to us.”

And so they held on to hope as they looked through the ash last Monday, gathering some photos and other items along the way. Then, within just four minutes of searching, a particularly shiny object came into view: the ring.

“We had been praying we would find it, and finding it within four minutes of getting there, it just felt like a miracle,” Lindsey said. “There really aren’t words for the relief we felt finding that.”

Although not all of their belonging could be recovered, the outpouring of love the Fuller family has received through donations has been overwhelming. They already surpassed their GoFundMe goal of $30,000 with the nearly $33,000 raised.

Plus, many neighbors have taken the time to replace their son’s toys with exact replicas. The family has also been offered the use of neighbors’ cars, old furniture, gift cards, and more.

“We’ve just had so many people take care of us that were complete strangers to us,” Lindsey said. “They heard our story and wanted to help, and we just couldn’t feel more welcomed into this new place.”

The Fuller family has much to be grateful for during a time of great loss, but the thing they keep going back to that fills them with joy is finding that ring.

“That’s now what we’re going to try to keep by our side as long as we live,” Matthew Fuller said. “Although we lost everything, we have the thing that really started our relationship still with us.”

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