Mini Stallion Trots Through The Mountains, Has Adorable Run-In With A Herd Of Horses!

Little Pippin the mini horse is galloping into both human and horsey hearts. Pippin’s owner posted the video below to YouTube with the caption “Pippin, a miniature stallion, meets a herd of horses and falls in love. Their interaction is so gentle and very adorable.” The video is totally precious.

The interaction starts when a beautiful silver horse notices Pippin. The horse does a complete double-take! You can practically hear her saying “Woah what’s up with this tiny dude?” before sticking her head over the fence to get a closer look at Pippin.

Screenshot (98)

As the silver horse and Pippin sniff at each other, the rest of the herd trots over to check him out. Their faces and movements are so expressive as they all guffaw over their new little friend. And at only 31 inches tall, Pippin looks teeny tiny next to them!

The video is not only adorable, it’s set against a stunning backdrop: the mountains of Northern California. The scenery, music, and the horses’ nuzzling makes for a relaxing and sweet video.

Check out the video below and share with a friend!

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