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Panda Mom In Labor For 3 Days, Camera Captures Miraculous Moment When Beautiful Cub Is Born.

Min Min panda giving birth

Every few years, the internet catches fire with the birth of a new baby panda bear. The endangered species reproduces very slowly in the wild, but the cycle is slowed even more when raised and bred in captivity.

Min Min is a captive panda living on a wildlife reserve in China. When caretakers realized the female was expecting a cub in the next few weeks, they brought her into a holding pen for the safety of both mother and child during and after the birth… and it’s a good thing. When Min Min went into labor, it became clear that it would be no ordinary ordeal.

In the video below, CCTV footage shows Min Min in her pen at the end of her third day in labor. Any mother out there reading this will know, that is an eternity that shouldn’t be wished on anyone.

In the footage, it’s clear that Min Min is having a very difficult time dealing with the pain. When panda’s take this long to give birth, it almost always spells disaster for mother and cub but this mom refuses to give up.

Watch as Min Min finally gives birth to her little one… or not so little. The cub is twice the size of a normal panda cub. Check it out below!

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