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Millions Are Raving About This Grandpa’s Unique Rock Map — 30 Years In The Making!

A grandpa shows off the map he made out of rocks.

This creative grandpa has captivated the internet with his beautiful, handmade map of mainland Scotland made completely from rocks! Harry Young has been working on this project since 1992, and he finally finished it in 2020. For his 85th birthday, his family had this piece of artwork framed. His grandson, Harry Jeffries, also shared a photo of the map on social media. So far, the post has received over five million views!

If you’re wondering why it took this grandpa almost 30 years to complete his rock map, that’s because it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. Harry didn’t use just any stones for this project. He insisted that the map be “geologically correct,” which meant that he needed an actual rock from every area of Scotland. It was also really important to him that he travel to each location and pick each stone himself!

“It’s a kind of mixture of art and science, shall we say,” he said, according to Yahoo! News.

Harry Young has considered himself an amateur geologist for many years now. It all started when he started working with the Clyde River Purification Board. There, he met a staff member who got him interested in the subject. He ended up joining the Geology Society of Glasgow, through which he was able to go on various expeditions. That’s how the grandpa got the idea to create his rock map.

This grandpa is overwhelmed by the public response to his rock map.

A grandpa shows off the map he made out of rocks.

Among those commenting on Harry’s unique piece have been several professional geologists. The elderly man has been floored by some of the responses to his finished project.

“One woman said her husband has been teaching geology for 38 years and he was blown away by it and wished that he’d done it himself,” he told the National. “I’m only an amateur so it’s nice to hear that. I did try to get all the fault lines in the right places and with the rights rocks and I think you can see that.”

A map of Scotland made with real rocks.

What an amazing accomplishment! We’re so glad that this grandpa is getting some recognition for his incredible rock map!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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