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4-Yr-Old With Cerebral Palsy Walks For First Time In Triumphant Video.

When a couple finds out they are expecting a baby, there is usually a mixture of emotions like joy, excitement, and even a little bit of panic. When a couple finds out they are expecting twins, each of those emotions are doubled – panic may even be tripled.

In January of 2014, Natalie and Chris Hughes welcomed their twin babies, Millie Bea and Evan Ray. By then, the panic of raising two babies had subsided (as much as it can for any new parent) but they still faced a new challenge … Millie Bea’s cerebral palsy.


Because of Millie Bae’s diagnosis, she has not been able to do many of the things her twin brother has – such as crawl, dance, walk, and run. But Evan Ray has never let Millie Bae’s diagnosis get in the way of her fun, though. Since he could walk, Evan Ray has made sure to bring Millie Bae’s shoes t0 her, get her food and drinks, and always asks if she’s okay if she falls.

Natalie has said that her two kids have always been close companions and that they “love each other very much.”


In January this year, Millie Bae underwent a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operation, a procedure that cuts nerves in the lower spine that create muscle rigidity. The operation can help patients walk properly and stop muscles from being stiff and tight.

Prior to the operation, Millie Bae could only walk when she was leaning on a frame or being assisted by her parents.

Express and Star

Since her surgery, Millie Bae has undergone extensive physical therapy to help strengthen her leg muscles. She has slowly but surely made headway in catching up to her brother.

Thursday, September 6, was Millie Bae’s first day of primary school and the sweet four-year-old told her mom that she wanted to walk in, unassisted. And, like any doting parent would, Natalie and Chris caught the moment on video.


Natalie stood behind Millie Bae and Evan Ray encouraged her as he walked along with her. Millie Bae’s steps were measured but full of determination. As she walked along (in her adorable school uniform, by the way), peopled cheered for her and a gorgeous, proud, smile stretched across her face.

We have a feeling that by the end of the school year, Millie Bae will be right next to her twin and matching him step for step.

Watch the beautiful moment in video below & spread the joy and share with your friends!

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