Bullied Man Has Greatest Reaction When He Gets To Ride In Lamborghini For 1st Time.

Micul, who is also known as Little GiganT, has had a tough life, but he’s finding ways to expand his world through new experiences. The Romanian gamer and vlogger survived a traumatic birth that resulted in a locomotor disability on his right side. Growing up, he was bullied for his disability, which affects his speech and movement, and he said that people have pushed him away and mocked him his whole life.


He found refuge in playing video games and making YouTube videos, where he strives to educate others about disabilities. “I accept myself like this and I am happy, I hope that you will accept me despite the speech difficulties I have,” he wrote.

The vlogger recently reached out to a social media influencer named Andy Popescu with a special request. Andy’s brand is all about fast, flashy cars, and Micul really wanted to ride in his Lamborghini and record the test drive for his vlog. Andy obliged, and the resulting video is incredibly moving!

In a short clip (the full video is over 20 minutes long), Micul has the most wholesome reaction to feeling the car’s powerful engine come to life. He smiles and laughs loudly before he remembers he’s not alone in the vehicle. “Please don’t be scared of me,” he tells Andy. “I act like a child when I am happy. This is how I act. I yell, I laugh a lot, because I am happy. This is who I am.”

Andy struggles to hold back tears as he hears Micul’s words. It’s heartbreaking to think that people would react negatively to seeing anyone have a genuine, beautiful response, but that’s why Micul’s advocacy is still so important!

Watch the powerful moment play out in the video below, and be sure to share this story to help Micul raise awareness.

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