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Father of 6 Stuns With “Special” Voice & Simon Can’t Resist Hitting Golden Buzzer.

michael ketterer

When Simon Cowell says your voice is “special,” a successful music career can’t be far away.

Michael Ketterer is a lot of things, but first and foremost he’s a devoted husband and father of six foster kids. He’s also a pediatric nurse who specializes in mental health. The East Tennessee native currently resides in Orange County, California, and when he’s not busy tending to his many responsibilities, he’s quietly chasing a dream of becoming a famous singer.

Michael Ketterer America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer

Michael was able to score an audition for “America’s Got Talent,” and as he stood before judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel, you could tell he was incredibly nervous. His voice shook as he told the judges, “when you’re surviving, you can’t dream. So I’m here to show [my kids] that if their dad can live out his dreams, then nothing is impossible for them.”

michael ketterer and family

The humble dad took center stage as his anxious family waited with host Tyra Banks. His wife looks almost as nervous as Michael. This is indeed a major opportunity that could lift their family up in the most amazing way.


Michael begins his audition with a heartfelt cover of the classic BeeGee’s song, “To Love Somebody.” Any worries the judges had about his nerves quickly evaporated when they heard Michael’s unique voice. It’s got a slight raspy quality that lends extra emotion to the lyrics.


You can tell Simon is feeling it just by the look on his face! What we don’t understand until the end of the performance is just how much the legendary talent show judge enjoyed Michael’s performance.


By the time he’d finished singing, the entire audience was on their feet, cheering him on. Simon leaned forward and earnestly delivered his thoughts:

We find singers on these shows… is it about being technical? Is it about being relevant? And sometimes, for me, it’s about being real. And a surprise, if I’m being honest with you, you were so nervous, I was concerned for you. But I think, sometimes actions speak louder than words…

That’s when Simon reached forward and purposefully bashed the coveted golden buzzer that ushers a contestant on to the live rounds of competition!


Michael and his family were overjoyed! As the golden confetti rained down on the stage, the singer couldn’t wait to get his wife and kids in his arms for big, warm hugs and kisses. Look at how the first thing he does is look off-stage towards his family!


Simon even joined Michael on stage to give him the ultimate compliment: “There’s something about your voice, and I genuinely mean this, that is special. And everything was perfect. You deserve it.”


Wow! It’s rare to see Simon so enthusiastic about any of the contestants, but Michael is indeed something special. It’s always so nice to see a genuinely good person like Michael being rewarded for their gifts and talents.

Watch Michael’s tender performance below, and be sure to share to spread the love for this caring foster dad even further!

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