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Michael Bublé “Crashes” Bing Crosby’s Christmas Special To Sing Magical Duet.

michael buble and bing

We’re pretty sure anyone Michael Bublé has ever asked to sing a duet has jumped at the chance. Everyone, that is, expected for Bing Crosby.

Wait. The Bing Crosby? Who co-starred with Fred Astaire in the 1942 movie “Holiday Inn” and sang “White Christmas” in one of the scenes? Didn’t he pass away decades ago? Yes, yes he did. In 1977, six years after NBC aired “Bing Crosby & Sounds of Christmas TV Special.”


So if he died in 1971, how could he have possibly turned down Michael Bublé during his own  Christmas special, “Michael Bublé – Home for the Holidays,” which aired in 2012?


Thanks to a little technological magic, that’s how!

In the video below, Michael tells his audience about his childhood memories of “White Christmas,” which his parents loved so much that they played it pretty much all year. Even so, Michael still loves it, and he strolls over to a 1970s-era television set, and there’s Bing!


Suddenly, we’re part of that 1971 television audience, sitting in our shag-carpeted living rooms, listening to Bing give some of the backstory behind this beloved Christmas standard. And that’s when he’s ambushed.

“Excuse me. Sorry, Mr. Crosby. I don’t want to interrupt one of my heroes,” Michael says, “but I was just wondering if maybe we could sing ‘White Christmas’ together?”


“Nope,” Bing replies, barely sparing him a glance. And he tries to pick up where he left off, but Michael isn’t one to take no for an answer: “It’s, it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs,” he persists. “And I was just talking about-”

“Not a chance,” Bing shoots back.

Okay, so it wasn’t really magic. These are the exact same words he used in the 1971 special, but the producers swapped Michael in for this gal:


Well, whether he likes it or not, Bing does end up singing “White Christmas” as a duet. But if he were alive today, we’re sure he’d take Michael up in a heartbeat because the result is about as amazing as you’d expect when that kind of star power is combined!


Check out the remarkable singers in the video below, and share with everyone you know who still loves this song, no matter how many times they’ve heard it.

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