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This YouTuber’s Hilariously Chaotic Sewing Tutorials Have Us In Stitches.

youtuber wearing yellow dress that matches barbie in her hand

Most people probably don’t associate sewing tutorials with chaos.

But that’s most people, and YouTuber Micarah Tewers isn’t most people. She creates not-so-useful but oh-so-entertaining tutorials on how to stitch your own clothing, complete with useful lessons such as how to procrastinate with a duck.

1. This recreation of Ariana Grande’s wedding dress will leave you wanting seven wedding rings instead of one.

2. We’re not sure, but we think Micarah’s Holiday Barbie dress makes her look like a DOLL.

3. Hold on, let us pull out a notebook for this one!

4. We honestly have no words for how beautiful this iconic movie dress recreation is.

5. If period costumes and wedding dresses are a bit much for you, never fear!

These are not your mother’s sewing tutorials, but that’s what makes them perfect. We’re always glad when Micarah can give us a chuckle, and we hope she brightens your day, too!

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