Man Uses Metal Detector To Surprise Girlfriend With Elaborate Proposal.

When it comes to popping the question, some people really go above and beyond.

When Ryan Parsons, a pastor at New Life Community Church in Bunker Hill, West Virginia, decided to propose to his girlfriend, Lisa, he knew he wanted the moment to be more than special. Ryan wanted to make this moment one of the most memorable experiences of Lisa’s life!

An avid hiker and metal detecting hobbyist, Ryan invited Lisa out for a hike — her first time using a metal detector.


It was a crisp spring morning in April 2017 when the couple set off to explore in the woods. What Lisa didn’t know, however, was that she was guaranteed to make a wonderful discovery on her first metal detecting expedition. Ryan had set out earlier that day to hide a special treasure deep in the woods.

The Knot

After unearthing a coin from the 1800s, the pair continued on their journey until the detector alerted them once more. As Ryan began to dig, he instructed Lisa to videotape the excavation.  “Someone buried this under this rock, Ryan said excitedly. “We gotta document this.”


“This could be the find of a lifetime!” Ryan gushed. Behind the camera, Lisa was more cautious. “Be careful, babe,” she whispered.

About a foot into the earth, Ryan pulled out a worn, wooden box. As he brushed the dirt away, the found what they first thought was a date… and then realized they were Bible verses.


Ryan ran to retrieve his Bible — because what pastor ventures into the woods without his Bible? And reads off the passages to a breathless Lisa.

“Matthew 13:44,” Ryan reads, “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”


Well, that is certainly fitting! But Ryan wasn’t done yet. Lisa is already surprised and moved by the Bible verses. “I think I’m going to cry,” she said.

“Proverbs 18:22,” he continued. “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”

Carefully opening the box, Ryan opens the cloth to reveal the ring box hidden inside. Without pausing for one more second, Ryan finally reveals his big secret.

“Lisa, will you marry me?”


Lisa gasps audibly, shocked to see her grandmother’s diamond set in a brand new white gold engagement ring, just for her.


“Yes!” She says instantly, overcome with emotion. Ryan then takes the camera from her and makes it even more official, telling her, “Lisa, you’re the treasure that I found in a field, and I want to give over everything that I have so that I can have you.”


Lisa’s joyful reaction, combined with Ryan’s exceptionally elaborate proposal, catapulted this video into the viral stratosphere.


Millions of people have now watched Ryan’s video, and it continues to gain momentum even a year after that eventful day. On his Facebook page, Ryan said the attention his engagement garnered has thrilled he and his now-wife beyond words.


“Overnight Lisa and my engagement video has caught the eye of the world,” he said. “Lisa and I have been blow away by this sudden attention, but really blessed to know that our love story is encouraging so many people. ”

Nice job, Ryan — you’ve set a new bar for men who want to propose!

Watch the emotional video below, and be sure to share.


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