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Young Men Rush To Help Grandma Get Home After Her Scooter Breaks In The Pouring Rain.

four young men pushing an elderly woman down the road in the rain with an umbrella as they pass a house

When it rains, it pours. But thanks to four strangers, one woman was able to get out of the downpour much faster than she would have on her own.

The young men, all employees at Rebounderz Adventure Parks, were walking down the road after a long day at work when they approached an eight-lane highway. Just as they were about to continue on their way, they saw an elderly woman on a scooter.

“[We] noticed the woman was clearly experiencing a malfunction with her mobile scooter,” JohnMorgan Massa, a corporate manager of the company, said.

All four of them were exhausted after what had been a long day, and they were looking forward to making it back to their hotel. But none of that mattered as soon as they realized the woman needed help.

“She literally had a plastic bag on her head to keep her hair dry,” he said. “We knew we couldn’t leave her in the rain, in the middle of the road, frantically trying to get her scooter to work again.”

Together, they pushed the woman and her scooter all the way back to her home at the Florida Living Independent Community. As they made their way into the residency, they drew some attention from Katty Castro, a public relations representative of the community.

“Since this is a very quiet neighborhood I was surprised to hear a commotion, laughs and four gentlemen pushing one of my lady residents under a heavy storm in Florida,” Katty said. “They were pushing her up the big slope toward her residence. These heroes were so focused on helping regardless of the inclement weather and they were even covering her with an umbrella, which showed more compassion on their part.”

Once the young men finished helping the elderly woman, Katty stopped to thank them for what they had done. With their permission, she took some photos and shared their story on Nextdoor, a social networking app where neighbors can connect with each other.

Since then, the story of their selfless act has blown up! They appreciate all of the love, but they never expected anything like that to happen.

“We just wanted her to get home safely,” JohnMorgan said. “We never expected recognition, just helping a fellow member of our community.”

Now that they are in the spotlight, these kind men are taking this as an opportunity to encourage others to find ways both big and small to help others.

“Holding a door, smiling, picking up someone’s spilled groceries, reaching for an item on the top shelf in the grocery store,” he said, “And, yes, helping someone whose electric wheelchair broke down in the rain are things almost anyone can do.”

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