Find answers to frequently asked questions about InspireMore and our Membership program.

InspireMore exists to push back against the harmful effects of negative media by becoming the world’s leading positive media brand, spreading only good news and stories of hope.

Since launching InspireMore in 2013, the goal that has kept us passionately motivated is “impact.” We want to change lives through digital media, help people, and inspire humanity to live more.

We’re glad you asked! Here are three main reasons:
1.We’re changing lives! The user testimonials listed above are just a few out of the hundreds of emails we receive each week.

2.We need you! We’re a small team (11 full-time to be exact!) with a HUGE mission. Creating the stories that reach and impact millions around the world every month requires a significant amount of time and resources.

3.You’ll be more joyful! This membership program is specifically designed to improve your mental health, giving you even more uplifting content, services and community aiming to bring more joy into your life.

100% of money received from our members goes directly into creating more inspiring good news and uplifting media and then to spreading that further in the world, impacting more people.

No. Please note that your contributions to InspireMore are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. InspireMore provides no advice regarding any questions regarding the tax treatment of any contributions and you agree by making a contribution you have consulted with your tax and legal advisors before doing so.

Monthly memberships: You will be charged on the day you sign up for your membership, and then on that same calendar day each subsequent month.

Annual memberships:You will be charged immediately upon signing up, and then on the same calendar date each subsequent year.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply contact our Membership Support Team and we’ll happily handle your request.

*A note for Annual members: You can cancel your membership at any time, however with an annual plan you’ll still be a member for the remainder of the 12 months you paid for. Your membership will not automatically renew for the next 12 month period.

All memberships are final sale and non-refundable. You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time which will stop any future monthly charges or annual renewals.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply click here to login and manage your account. 

Send us an email to members@inspiremore.com or contact our Membership Support Team and we’ll get in touch to answer any remaining questions.

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