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“Memaw” Concocts Wholesome Prank & Her Granddaughter Can’t Help But “Partake”!

memaw prank

Singer-songwriter Valories shared a video of a hilarious and genius prank her Memaw planned, and we can’t stop laughing.

Valories pinned a clip to her TikTok account that shows an “adventure” she took with her Memaw last year. That adventure was a trip to Walmart, where the two pulled a fast one on shoppers.

“When your grandmother asks you to partake in her prank idea…you partake in her prank idea,” she captioned over the video.

Her grandma’s idea was simple and perfect—bring a bag filled with sticky googly eyes to the store and place them on anything and everything.


any day with Memaw is an adventure

♬ Dead End – Valories

Valories recorded her Walmart trip and patched together a minute-long sample of where they placed the tiny eyes. She and her Memaw put them on models in advertisements and posters and used them to make faces on product boxes. All the while, Valories’ grandma laughed herself to tears.

Memaw also put eyes on an egg inside a carton, which was our favorite part of the prank. We imagine an unsuspecting shopper opened the carton one morning to find their breakfast looking back at them.

Fans Can’t Stop Laughing Over Memaw’s Reactions

Over 12 million tickled people watched the video and loved every second of it because, in a world full of mean-spirited and destructive pranks, this one was innocent and silly.

“This is a real prank,” someone wrote. “Everyone laughs, no one gets hurt.”

“That’s hilarious!” added another fan. “Memaw seems like fun!!”

“That’s gold, made me laugh multiple times,” someone admitted. “Do you know how hard that is nowadays?”

“Her losing her mind at every single one is killing me,” a fan shared. “I miss my nana so much 🥺❤️.”

Memaw kept her prank going all the way through checkout, too. As the devious duo waited to pay for the items they’d picked along the way, they added some googly flair to the magazine rack, and Memaw wouldn’t contain her laughter.

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