She Was Bullied For Her Disorder, But Now This Fashion Model Is Storming The Industry.

Melanie Gaydos, 27 years old, was born with a rare genetic condition called Ectodermal Dysplasia. The disorder caused abnormalities to her hair, teeth and nails, and tragically caused her to be ridiculed through grade school.


Incredibly, she is now a star in New York’s high fashion industry.

Her modeling career began shortly after moving to the Big Apple and took off due to her unique, fierce look and natural talent.

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Melanie commented on her journey:

“I ended up meeting and starting a lot of my fashion work based off of Craigslist because there were a lot of fashion photographers on there who were looking for models who didn’t have a stereotypical look. I just started modeling as a means to learn more about myself – I never thought that it would turn into what it is todayâ€

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In the end it was her boyfriend that pushed her to give modeling a shot.

“He helped me to understand that I was the only person who looks like me, that I had potentialâ€

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And what a beautiful realization that was. Melanie is now very sought after because of her unique appearance and incredible attitude.  Many designers even say that “she is one of the best models I’ve ever worked with.”

The takeaway: Always remember, inner beauty outshines all the outward beauty in the world – and no-one has exactly the same beauty as you. You are unique, treasured and a credit to this world we live in.

Watch below to learn more about Melanie and her journey!

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