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Meet Zoom, The Baby Platypus Who’s About To Steal Your Heart With Her Clumsiness.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man laying on the ground, camera out, as he takes footage of a nearby, tiny, baby platypus who is crawling on the ground. The second photo shows that same platypus crawling on a rock.

If you’ve never seen a baby platypus before, something I related to just moments ago, then I have a treat for you! “Nature,” a long-time PBS show, has been keeping watch of a female platypus they’ve named Zoom. When it came time for her to create a nest for her eggs, they captured footage of the soon-to-be Mom creatively using a burrow as the new home for her little ones.

To do so, she used her tail, which has the ability to curl up and carry a surprising amount of vegetation. From there, she made herself small enough to fit into the tiny burrow and built a comfy nest in complete darkness. Finally, it was time for the folks at Nature to wait. With cameras nearby, but not in the creatures’ way, they patiently waited for an update.

Then, one night, one of the cameras captured a tiny baby platypus crawl out of the nest. The next day, someone was sent to check in on them. What he discovered was the cutest creature! The little guy was clumsy, but he seemed ready to take on the world!

Watch this adorable baby platypus venture out into the world in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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