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Meet The Queen Of “Fat Bear Week” 2023 — This Grumpy Mama Bear!

The winner of this year's Fat Bear Week is a mama bear.

While humans are shopping for coats and scarves, bears are bulking up to stay warm through the colder months. Gaining enough weight is essential for these animals to survive the winter, which is why Alaska’s Katmai National Park believes that fat bears are something to celebrate! Every year, park rangers facilitate the Fat Bear Week competition, which allows members of the public to vote for who they think is the bulkiest bear in an online tournament. CNN tells us that this year’s winner is a single mama bear with a reputation for beating up her competitors!

According to the Fat Bear Week 2023 roster, 128 Grazer “is a particularly defensive mother bear” who regularly “confronts and attacks much larger bears— even large and dominant adult males— in order to ensure her cubs are safe.” She’s also excellent at fishing for food, which is how she walked away with 1st place in the competition!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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