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Meet The Incredible Greyhound Who Said No To Racing And Yes To Sailing.

Milo the Greyhound at the beach.

Milo was a greyhound bound for the tracks, but fate had another race in mind — one that didn’t circle a stadium but rather spanned oceans. Rescued by Jacki and Brad Morris, this spunky puppy went from a life of near-captivity to experiencing endless horizons on a sailboat.

At a young age, he injured his leg during training, an accident that threw his future into uncertainty. The race track management had to let him go, and that’s when the Morris couple stepped in. Instead of being a sports sensation, Milo was becoming a heartwarming tale of resilience.

greyhound sleeping on the beach

Brad and Jacki received a call from the vet’s office asking if they would consider fostering a recently injured greyhound. However, what started as a temporary home for healing evolved into permanent love and companionship.

Nowadays, Milo isn’t just running on a track; he’s sailing through life on Brad’s boat. Yet, some things haven’t changed: he still loves to run, especially on sandy beaches, where his once-injured leg moves as if it had never been hurt. The video footage speaks volumes: Milo is more than happy: he’s ecstatic, sprinting along ocean tides like a freed spirit.

greyhound sitting on a sailboat

But wait — living on a sailboat with a dog? One might expect a circus of hurdles, yet the Morris couple couldn’t imagine life at sea without their four-legged crew member. Sure, Milo was initially hesitant, but he now revels in beach runs and maritime frolics. Then, once he’s back on the boat, his paws get a rinse, and he snuggles in for a well-deserved nap.

In different countries, through different tides, Milo found his true calling — not as a race dog but as a sailor’s best friend.

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