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Meet Skippy: The 2024 Farm Dog Of The Year. “Skippy Helping Us Is Responsible A Lot For My Recovery.”

Close up of Skippy, a brown and white dog, sitting next to his owner, Donald Adams, who has an arm resting on the dog.

There’s a reason that dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. The Farm Bureau recognizes this and aims to shine a light on some of the best canines around through their Farm Dog of the Year contest. Each year, they invite farmers to submit nominations. This year, the first prize goes to a caring dog named Skippy. His owner, Donald Adams, had been a farmer for years before his four-legged friend became his right-hand pup.

Like so many others, Donald loves what he does. Then, while Donald and his son were working with bails of hay, one bounced in such a way that it hit the back of his head. This broke his neck and bent his spinal cord. It also left him completely paralyzed from the neck down. Still, Donald remained determined.

Donald Adams sits outside with his dog, Skippy, by his side.

“I wasn’t gonna leave the farm,” Donald shares. “There was no doubt — as long as I got a breath in me, I’m gonna take care of the cattle and the farm.”

Then, while at the hospital, he was introduced to PHARM Dog. This non-profit places dogs with disabled farmers so they have the ability to continue to live the live that they love so dearly. This is how Skippy came into Donald’s life and changed it in the best way possible.

Meet Skippy, the 2024 Farm Dog of the Year

@farmbureau Meet the 2024 Farm Dog of the Year, Skippy. #farmdogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – americanfarmbureau

With the help of this clever dog, Donald has the additional help, and companionship, needed to keep up with all of the work needed to maintain the farm. Plus, with the type of injury that Donald sustained, it’s helping him find a healthy balance between resting and staying active.

“This type of injury — you’ve got to stay busy all the time,” Donald explains. “And that’s why the cattle and Skippy helping us is responsible for a lot of my recovery.”

Skippy, the 2024 Farm Dog of the Year, happily runs outside, mouth open.

To thank Skippy for the way he’s changed Donald’s life, Farm Bureau and Purina are gifting him and his family $5,000 in prize money and a year’s worth of Purina Pro-Plan dog food. Plus, he gets recognized at the Farm Dog of the Year ceremony!

View from behind of Donald Adams, his wife, and Skippy standing on their farm at a fence. Donald's wife has a hand placed on his back. Skippy sits between them, facing the camera.

As you can imagine, Skippy getting this recognition means the world to the Adams family! But I imagine this moment is especially touching for the pup’s best friend, Donald.

“He’s about like my wife, about like my children is, ya know?” Donald says. “You just think so much of these dogs.”

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