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Meet Gia And Zara, Unlikely Besties Who Make Up The Cutest “Girl Band” Ever.

Some friendships seem to be heaven-sent.

From the moment Gia was born, her family’s devoted rottweiler, Zara, has been by her side. The pair have grown up together, and mom Stacey says they’re like “two peas in a pod.” Zara has been Gia’s constant companion since she was barely old enough to hold her head up!

Stacey says that their friendship really blossomed when Gia started walking and eating solid foods. The little girl learned to share with her dog best friend, and in return, Zara is a gentle and loyal companion for her. Even when Gia was an infant, the dog had an innate gentleness around her.

“She just knew that Gia was a new member of the pack, and she just knows to protect her,” Stacey said. “They’ve kind of just naturally grown up as siblings.”

“Gia’s first word was ‘pup.’ So I think that says a lot,” Stacey added.

The family lives in Africa and enjoys spending time outdoors, lounging in their garden, and making music together. When Gia was still in diapers, they got her a stand-up microphone for Christmas. The moment it was out of the box Gia was “singing” loud and clear. To the family’s delight, Zara couldn’t wait to join in!

“Zara’s always been vocal. It was hilarious,” Stacey said of the first few times Zara joined her little sister in song. “With the singing, it just happened. We bought Gia a stand-up microphone for Christmas. Every time Gia starts singing, well she’s not really singing, Zara starts howling. She can’t contain herself.”

Every time Gia sings into her microphone, Zara throws her head back and “awoos” right along with her. Stacey calls them “everyone’s favorite girl band!” In fact, after the proud mom shared a video of the singing duo on social media, they went viral. Now they’re full-fledged “pop influencers” with over 28,000 followers on Instagram.

One of the “girl band’s” most recent videos features Gia in a frilly pink tutu. Check out the way she uses her hands to gesture now. She’s starting to look like a real pop singer!

This recent video has been reshared online and has now been viewed over a million times. Will Hollywood come calling for this adorable duo? Only time will tell, but they’ve got our vote!

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