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Meet Constable Sam, The Lamb Who Fell Off A Truck — And Landed A Better Life.

two-photo collage. constable sam being fed as a baby, and on the right a picture of constable sam looking older and in better health

Sometimes bad things happen for a reason, even though they seem devastating at that time.

A lamb in Victoria, Australia is a perfect example of this sort of serendipity. On the day he was born, the baby was put in a livestock truck destined for the slaughter house, but fate intervened. Somehow, the lamb fell out of the moving truck right onto the highway, suffering horrible injuries in the process.

Highway patrol picked up the badly injured animal and brought him to Edgar’s Mission, a nonprofit farm sanctuary, where he was immediately taken in for surgery. They named him Constable Sam after the kind police who saved him.

Constable Sam was in rough shape when he arrived at the sanctuary. He broke both of his front legs in two places and suffered a fractured skull and a critical eye injury. He was banged up all over and incredibly weak. They weren’t sure he could be saved, but he turned out to be the little lamb who could! With around-the-clock care, Sam slowly began to heal.

In addition to his wounds, Sam was having trouble because he was never weaned from his mother. His rescuers stepped into the role and literally nursed him back to health.

Over the next three months, Edgar’s Mission shared multiple updates on Constable Sam’s progress. People opened their hearts and wallets to donate money for his recovery, and he transformed from damaged infant to healthy young sheep right before our very eyes.

He may still be a bit wobbly, but in time his fractured skull healed, and he even regained the sight in his damaged eye! Not only that, but all of the love and attention have made a tremendous impact on the animal’s life.

“But this is not the only freedom the little guy shall have,” Edgar’s Mission wrote on Facebook. “For having fallen from the ‘livestock’ truck as he did that day, literally on his head, he too figuratively fell on his feet (albeit, both front legs were to receive double fractures at the time). However, by landing in the arms of kindness, a life of freedom shall now be his.”

In other words, Constable Sam is now a beloved member of the sanctuary family, a much better fate than what laid ahead of him before his accident. Just look at him soaking up the love!

We’d say falling off that truck might have been the luckiest thing to ever happen to a lamb!

Watch the video below to see him go from injured infant to strapping “teenager,” and don’t forget to share.

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