Mechanics Discover Hare-y Situation Inside Car During Routine Oil Change.

wild rabbit found inside car during oil change

You never know when a regular day at work will turn into an un-bunny-lievable situation.


Mechanic Kyle Fridh was helping a younger employee do an oil change on a BMW while working at Germain BMW in Naples, Florida, when they heard a strange sound. The car was up on a lift, so they started removing parts of the motor mount to see what was causing the scratching inside.

One of the men used his cell phone to examine inside the undercarriage, and they soon caught a glimpse of the culprit. It turns out that a wild rabbit had sought warmth and shelter inside the car before it entered the shop. They were stunned to realize that the frightened animal must have been inside the undercarriage while the car’s owner drove to the autobody shop.

We don’t know about you, but the very idea of driving around with a live animal inside your car’s undercarriage gives us gray hares. The poor little guy.

By this time, all of the other workers had come over to watch them try to extract the bunny from the car. Someone started recording video on their phone to capture the moment the rabbit makes his first appearance. What they didn’t expect was the animal to bolt, leading a coworker to chase it around the shop for several hilarious moments.

The garage shared this video on their Instagram page, where it went viral.

“Hop On By BMW Naples for ALL your Service Needs,” they wrote as a caption, adding, “No bunnies were harmed in the making of this film.”

The mechanics released the stowaway bunny outside of the dealership, and we’re sure he lived hoppily ever after!

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