Playful Canada Lynx Loves Getting Brushed, His Adorable Reaction Is Melting Hearts.

maxwell the canada lynx getting brushed

The precious purr of a kitten is easy to fall in love with. Cute cats have been a part of human homes for thousands of years. Some of the world’s earliest ancient drawings depict domesticated felines alongside their human counterparts.


But even so, it is always a bit odd to see a wild cat who adores human attention. And that is exactly what we thought when we saw Maxwell the Canada Lynx. Max is called the “animal ambassador” and he recently went viral for a very simple reason. In the video below, Max gets a full grooming by his caretaker to help take off his winter coat, and you can tell he absolutely loves it!

Max Lynx 1

The Canada Lynx are not domesticated mammals, and can be found in the forest and tundra regions of Canada. Residents are typically advised against keeping any of the breed after 9 months, because they can grow aggressive as they mature.

Max, on the other hand, loves to be taken care of, which is evident in the video taken by his caretakers. He twists and turns under the gentle rubbing of his caretaker and the playful film has racked up over a quarter million views on Youtube.

If you ever come across a lynx in real life, think twice before approaching. They can be very dangerous. Which is why gentle Max is a one-of-a-kind cat!

See the adorable moment below.

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