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From Trash To Treasure: Artist Turns Old Silverware Into Stunning Animal Sculptures.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Most of us don’t think much of old cutlery, keys, and safety pins. But to Matt Wilson, an upcycling artist, these objects are perfect for creating his stunning masterpieces. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below – enjoy!

1. Matt began making sculptures in 2017. At first, he only crafted birds.

2. Since then, his portfolio has expanded to include all kinds of creatures!

3. Those include squirrels, cats, and insects.

4. One piece Matt is particularly proud of is his praying mantis. “I dedicated a whole month to this bug and am really proud of the way it came together,” he said.

5. Part of what makes his sculptures so amazing is his attention to detail. Each one is carefully crafted to reflect its real-life counterpart.

6. Although Matt has branched out in his creations, birds are still his specialty.

7. He’s created woodpeckers, blue jays, owls, and more.

8. No matter the type of bird, they all feature highly-detailed plumage made from utensils such as spoon heads and fork prongs.

9. Since 2017, his style and processes have evolved.

10. For example, Matt has partnered with friend and fellow craftsmen Jacob Kent, who creates wooden plaques for Matt’s sculptures to go on.

11. “I’m working on multiple aspects of the birds at once, which allows for a more cohesive collection,” Matt said.

12. His work has become incredibly popular. So much so, in fact, that it can be difficult to purchase them.

13. Recently, he released 100 bird sculptures on his website. They sold out almost immediately!

14. According to his website, Matt’s work is all about “conserving and appreciating our resources, so that the environment in which we live will continue to be an environment in which we desire to live.”

15. “I only hope the sculptures will inspire others to appreciate the simple, neglected items from which my creations are born,” he added.

What stunning art! We’re so impressed that Matt found such a clever way to create beautiful sculptures while also benefiting the environment.

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