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8-Yr-Old Claims “Angels” Helped Him Lift Car Off Of Crushed Dad, Saving His Life.

Life has a way of making heroes out of everyday people. When 9-yr-old J.T. Parker was faced with an impossible task he stepped up to the plate in the nick of time… though depending who you ask he had a little help.

J.T.’s teenage brother, Mason, and his father, Stephen Parker, were in the garage working on their car when Mason injured his hand and went inside for first aid. Stephen kept working on the vehicle while his son was indisposed, “We were pulling the engine out of the car, and after we got it jacked up, I climbed under there to take the axels off,”Stephen said. “The one axle came off pretty easily, but the other side wasn’t coming off.â€

East Idaho News

Stephen’s decision to jostle the second axle loose proved to be a poor decision. In that moment the car came crashing down on top of him. He yelled for J.T. to come to his aid but didn’t think his young son would be able to jack the car from his chest.

East Idaho News

“I yelled to J.T. on the other side of the car, ‘Jack it up quick! Jack it up quick!’”Stephen said. “I couldn’t move at all. I was totally trapped, and then I passed out. It was all in his hands, and I thought, ‘This is it. There’s no way he can jack up this car because it took my 17-year-old son and I both to jack it up the first time.â€

East Idaho News

For the next 15 minutes, J.T. furiously worked the jack’s handle up and down to free his father from the crushing weight, “It was scary, and I didn’t think that I could jack the car up, but angels helped me,”J.T. said.

In the end, J.T. finally freed his father and ran to grab his older brother Mason and get help. Stephen was taken to the hospital where he was treated for 13 broken ribs.

East Idaho News

Though Stephen spent 15 minutes under weight of a car, he suffered no internal injuries. The entire family considers the result of J.T.’s actions a miracle and are so thankful their son was brave enough to step up to the plate.

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