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This Brilliant Dog Has Mastered The Art Of Everything From Yoga To Irish Jigs.

Training a dog is a wonderful way to bond while instilling good manners in your furry friend.

Mary Peters of Seattle, Washington, has been practicing with her Australian shepherd named Secret since 2014. Mary was just 16 when they started out, and her reward and clicker training has worked like a charm on this incredibly smart, athletic animal.

In 2016, Mary took Secret to visit her grandparents in Sioux City, Iowa, for Christmas. While they were there, they hit the local sledding hill for some wintertime fun.

The dog mom thought it might be fun to have Secret try sledding, so she brought the dog along and showed her the ropes. She’d already taught Secret how to skateboard, so she figured the pup could figure out how to pull her own sled uphill and slide down on it.

“I usually just break each trick down into simple pieces that Secret can learn one at a time,” Mary said. “For instance, with sledding, we first worked on her just hopping on (she would usually just hop right back out), and then I would reward her for staying in the sled longer.”

Secret had the time of her life sledding, and Mary estimates the dog “probably went down this hill 50 times.”

When Mary shared the video on Instagram, it quickly went viral. Thanks to that video and many others, Secret and Mary racked up tons of new followers. Now, they have over 629,000 fans who can’t wait to see what this extraordinary dog will conquer next!

The results of their hard work are evident. Here are 10 of Secret’s most impressive skills.

1. Here’s Secret after mastering the sled hill.

2. Just Secret and Mary dancing an Irish jig in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

3. They love to work out together. Secret even has perfect form!

4. They’ve been perfecting their yoga flow routine. Secret’s balance is unparalleled.

5. The good girl definitely earns her keep at home. Here she is mopping the floor.

6. She is also an accomplished painter. Here’s “The Joy of Painting with Dog Ross.”

7. This pooch loves to dance like no one’s watching.

8. Need help with the laundry? Say no more.

9. She’s ready for charm school with this neat balancing trick.

10. Training takes trust, and these two have enough to spare! Here’s Secret doing a trust fall.

There really doesn’t seem to be anything Secret can’t learn to do. What a phenomenal bond these two share!

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