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“Who Is This?” Wrong Number Text Changes Lives Of Both People In The Best Way.

Brenda Rivera Stearns and Isaiah Stearns with their 6 kids

Every couple has a story about how they met, but some are definitely cuter than others!

The story behind Brenda Rivera Stearns and Isaiah Stearns’ relationship sounds like the sort of “meet-cute” you’d see in a Hollywood movie. It all started when Brenda texted a friend a motivational Bible verse in 2009. The only problem was, she got the phone number wrong.

Isaiah was confused when he got a random text that read, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit…” but he was intrigued.

“Amen to that,” he replied. “Who is this?”

Their text exchange quickly revealed Brenda’s mistake, but Isaiah was intrigued. He wanted to keep talking, so he asked if he could call her sometime. Brenda admits she “thought it was a little weird,” but when he left her a message the next day, she decided to see where it would lead.

“I could just tell he was very genuine,” she remembers. “So I decided OK – I’m gonna call him back.'”

Brenda says they had “an immediate connection,” and after the call they became friends on Facebook. Isaiah wasn’t Brenda’s usual type, but she “quickly fell in love” with him anyway.

When Brenda visited her mother and sister in Ohio, she arranged a meet-up with Isaiah. She even brought along her mother to get her opinion. At the end of the meal, her mother rated Isaiah an 11 out of 10 as a match for her daughter!

“She was like, ‘You’re going to marry this guy.'”

Moms always know, don’t they? Brenda and Isaiah did just that. Fourteen years later, they have six beautiful children!

Brenda and Isaiah are having the time of their lives together, and they’ve got the sweetest origin story ever! Brenda says he’s the “perfect partner,” and he handles a lot of housework to ease her stress as a mother of six. This truly seems like a match made in heaven… or at least, in SMS!

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