Quarantined Dad Finds Genius Solution For 4-Yr-Old’s McDonald’s Birthday Wish.



When COVID-19 concerns kept him from bringing his 4-year-old son to McDonald’s on his birthday, this resourceful dad decided to bring the experience to him!

Mark Hoyle is a husband and father of two from Hertfordshire, England. He goes by the name “LadBaby” online, where he’s become famous for his funny videos and blog. But his recent post really takes the cake (or should we say fries)!


Mark and his wife Roxanne are no strangers to fame. They’ve gone viral multiple times and have even had songs make the U.K. Singles chart in 2018 and 2019. Of course, Mark is best known for finding brilliant life hacks – like the time he turned his backyard into a pub so he and Roxanne could have a much-needed date night.

Now he’s back with a clever idea that has parents everywhere sitting up and taking notes! In a video, he explains that his oldest son Freddie just turned 4.

The poor little guy wanted nothing more than to go to McDonald’s on his big day, but he couldn’t because it was closed to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. His disappointment got Mark’s mental wheels turning, and soon the dad came up with a delightful solution!


“I reckon I can hack the closed McDonald’s problem,” Mark tells the camera. Then he heads inside and finds Roxanne and Freddie in their pj’s.

He announces that he’s found a way for Freddie to get McDonald’s. Roxanne is not thrilled because she thinks he’s setting Freddie up for another letdown, but she clearly underestimated Mark’s creativity.

After Mark sends them upstairs for half an hour so he can set everything up, the fun really begins! He opens the door to their sitting room and reveals that he’s transformed the space into a toddler-sized McDonald’s drive-through window!


With a roadway made of tape on the floor and Freddie’s toy car “gassed up,” the toddler is ready to go!

He hops in and heads to the TV screen. Meanwhile, his dad plays a video to make it look like he’s really pulling up to the restaurant. After placing his order, Freddie heads to the second window, where a familiar face greets him.

There, in the middle of the screen, is his dad!


We’re pretty sure Roxanne is even more delighted by Mark’s “hack” than Freddie!

She can’t hide her awe as Mark emerges from another room wearing a homemade McDonald’s uniform – with a Happy Meal full of Freddie’s requested chicken nuggets and fries. He even remembers to include a toy.


The fun isn’t over yet! Once Freddie is happily munching on his food, Mark insists that Roxanne give the drive-through a try.

Once again, he delivers her meal and ice cream with a smile that would make any McDonald’s employee proud!


No wonder Mark was named Clas Ohlson’s “Celebrity Dad of the Year” in 2018. (He even beat Prince William!) This is one parent who refuses to take “closed” for an answer!

Watch his incredible McDonald’s hack in the video above, and be sure to share the magic with your friends. For more stories of joy and hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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