Mom Annoyed When Husband Fails To Get Babysitter For Date Night, Then She Sees Backyard & Cracks Up.

As any parent with small children knows, time out of the house and away from the kids every now and again is imperative for maintaining both your sanity and marriage.


The couple in the video below is a prime example of this. While the pair enjoy being mom and dad to their toddler, they’re starting to go a little stir-crazy after spending every night in the house. You know things are bad when Dad’s idea of a fun “date night”is ordering take-out.


Mom insists that she needs to go out on a date a reliable babysitter can be hard to come by and expensive, too. Luckily, she married a creative man, and he comes up with the greatest solution. He tells her to be ready by 8pm the next night.

Flash-forward to the following evening; she is absolutely giddy, all primped and ready for their date. But there’s no sitter to be found. That’s when her husband reveals he has a surprise in store.


He takes her around the corner to their back yard, and there awaits an inflatable pub. Who needs a sitter or a night on the town when you can have date night in your own back yard?


Don’t worry; dad thought it through and had a baby monitor set up inside the bar. The two of them shared drinks, laughs, and possibly the cutest “night out”ever, complete with smoke machine and lasers (because these parents know how to party).

While it may not have been a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant, these two know how to make each other laugh, and that is what makes love last a lifetime!


Check out the adorable date below, and share!

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