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Marine Sneaks Up Behind Blindfolded Brother For Cutest Surprise Homecoming.

Disclaimer: Grab the tissues, we have another sweet video of a surprise reunion.

After a year-long deployment, young Marine, Parker Perner was thrilled to be coming home to visit the family. Still, there was one person who didn’t know a visit was on the calendar, and that was his little brother Cash.


In a video posted on YouTube, Cash is seen with a bandana tied around his eyes. He has his hands out in front of him while his mom Kim tells him she’s going to put a surprise in his hands and he has to guess what it is.

Then, his big brother sneaks in and places his own camouflaged hat in Cash’s hands and quietly stands behind him. Cash carefully feels the surprise and quickly figures out it’s a hat.


When Cash takes his blindfold off, he looks down at the hat and realizes it’s a Marine hat. The sweet boy is thrilled and asks if it belongs to his big brother. His mom assures him that it does, and he is so excited thinking this is the only surprise in the works.


His mom asks him, “do you like the surprise?” and Cash responds “yes!”. Then, mom asks him “which surprise do you like better?” and points behind him. The little boy turns around and freaks out over the sight of Parker that he hasn’t seen in a year then quickly runs into his arms for a tearful hug.


As if the little boy’s run-and-hug reaction isn’t cute enough, he buries his face in his big brother’s shoulder as he fights back happy tears.


Kim asks the younger brother again “which surprise do you like better?” and Cash replies “this one” as he continues to hug his big bro.

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below & be sure to share with your friends!

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