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U.S. Marines Create Hilarious “Pitch Perfect” Parody & We Can’t Stop Laughing!

When the first Pitch Perfect movie hit theaters in 2012, it became an instant favorite for its hilarious storyline, messages of empowerment, and, of course, incredible singing. It’s no surprise that dozens of parodies of various scenes from the film began popping up on YouTube left and right.

None, however, are quite as excellent as the one below, created by members of the Marine Corps.

The video opens with two men in uniform. One takes off his hat, feigns a hair flip, and says, “Hi, my name is Cynthia Rose.â€


Then, the video cuts to real footage from Pitch Perfect’s iconic audition scene.

Bellas and Trebelmakers (a capella groups from the film) sit in an auditorium, auditioning potential new members to join their groups.


As “Cynthiaâ€, who is a real character from Pitch Perfect, begins to sing, it cuts back to the Marine who first appeared on camera. He is lip syncing Cynthia’s part, which makes for a hilarious mashup.

As the video continues, the original audio from the audition scene is a constant, but each time a new character auditions, it cuts to a different lip-synching Marine.


And anytime a judge from the video speaks, the video cuts to original footage fromPitch Perfect. So essentially, it looks like Marines are auditioning for the a capella groups from the movie.


It’s a brilliantly unexpected parody that will have you laughing the whole way through–as you’ll see, some Marines get super into it with dance moves and impassioned facial expressions.


In the movie, Beca, who is played by Anna Kendrick, arrives to the audition late but is still invited to audition. She sits down with a cup and begins her rendition of “Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me)â€, while making a beat by tapping a cup on the floor and drumming with her hands. (If you’ve seen the movie then you know that this scene is probably one of its most notable ones).

In the parody, a Marine walks in and mouths, “Hello. Um, I didn’t know we had to prepare that song.”He walks to the middle of the room, pours out a cup filled with dry erase markers, and completely nails the exact cup tapping-slash-hand-drumming routine Anna does in the film, all while singing the lyrics to the song.


It’s an awesome feat that we’re sure he had to practice for days!

Watch the video yourself below and share if you’re equal parts impressed and in stitches.

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