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UPS Drivers Deliver Big Smiles To Toddler Who Waves At Them Every Day.

Just before Christmas, 2-year-old Marco Elizondo of Chula Vista, California, fell in love with all things UPS.

When his mom, Clarissa Alcazar, started swinging by the company’s hub during their morning jogs, the little boy became even more fixated on the ubiquitous brown trucks.

“All of a sudden we were seeing UPS drivers on the way home and leaving. It was just like UPS on steroids all of a sudden,” Clarissa told 10News.

They started visiting the shipment hub every day to wave to the drivers as they left for their deliveries. Seeing all of those trucks lined up in one place was a real treat for Marco!

“He was floored. I mean he was so excited. It was the coolest thing and so we just made it part of our routine,” Clarissa added.

Drivers like Ron Jimenez noticed their morning fan club and made a point to honk their horns and wave back.

“To see somebody who’s appreciative of us and give us a kind smile and a wave that starts our day off with just a bang, and it brings hope back to us,” Ron said.

Clarissa recently took Marco to visit the UPS facility, and the drivers bent over backward to make their time extra special. While they were there, Marco got to drive a little toy car they had converted into a mini UPS truck. He loved it so much that the crew decided to gift him a truck of his own!

“They gave it a complete overhaul. Repainted it, put all our emblems and stickers all over it. The truck number is actually Marco’s birthday,” Ron explained. The drivers proudly gave the finished product to Marco, who couldn’t wait to hop in and take it for a spin.

Now, instead of riding in his jogging stroller, Marco “drives” his own truck to send the drivers off each day. Ron and his fellow employees get a big kick out of seeing the little guy out and about. What a nice way to start the morning!

“Every time I have that thought, I get emotional about it,” Ron said. “He is so special to me that being able to share him with other people and give them joy, it’s just, I have no words to describe how awesome that is.”

This is such a sweet example of mail carriers making strong connections within their community. We hope Marco continues to adore his new truck and bring smiles to the drivers’ faces every day.

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