Veteran Thinks His Wallet Is Lost Forever — Until 2 Teens Show Up On Security Camera.

Losing your wallet is incredibly inconvenient. You have to cancel your credit cards, get new IDs, and say goodbye to any cash you might have had stashed inside.

When it happened to Marc Walsh as he was walking home from the store one day, he felt “really heartbroken.”

Marc is a disabled veteran who lives in Detroit, Michigan. His wallet fell out of his pocket somewhere along Ward Street on the West Side. It wasn’t until he got home that he discovered he had lost his credit cards, over $200 in cash, and his military ID.

“I was really distraught,” he said. “I’m self-employed and don’t make a lot of money, and I have to hustle for the money that I do make. So having cash in there that I needed and not having it, I was pretty torn up about it.”

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Thankfully, the right people happened upon his lost item later that same day! Twin sisters Makhia and Makyla Vincent were on their way to school when they spotted his wallet on the ground. When they looked inside and saw the military card, they immediately thought of their grandfather, who is also a veteran.


“We knew we had to return it to the rightful person,” Makyla said. Her sister added, “That would be wrong, to take the wallet, especially when you know who its rightful owner is and where to find them.”

It wasn’t hard for them to agree on one thing: “I read the veterans card, and I was like, ‘I would hate if that was my granddad and that happened to him,’ so I knew we had to return it.”

So the two of them headed to Marc’s house when they could. Since he wasn’t home at the time, they stood in front of his security camera and waved the wallet so he could see it. Then they placed it in a safe spot on his porch.


Marc couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw them in the security video. “With children like that in the world, I have a lot of hope for the future,” he said.

After their story went viral, the three of them were able to meet thanks to a local news station!

“It renews my faith in humanity, it really does,” Marc told the teens. “I’m so incredibly grateful, so grateful and humbled.”


He was so happy that he rewarded Makhia and Makyla with the $200 in his wallet. The sweet teens decided to use it to help others, saving only a small portion for themselves.

These sisters are such a wonderful example to others! Share this story to thank them for their honesty and integrity.

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