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Man Builds Special Telegram Machine To Keep His 96-Yr-Old Grandma Smiling.

If you’ve ever had a parent or grandparent who’s uttered the words, “What was so wrong with rotary phones?!” we have an invention that’s right up your alley.

It’s no surprise that this past year has made long-distance communication more important than ever. Unfortunately, for some, that has made keeping in touch with their loved ones practically impossible. That’s why one grandson decided to step in and change the game!

Manuel Lucio Dallo, a senior engineer at Plastic SCM, recently went viral on Twitter for his brand new invention. The brilliant device transforms text and audio messages back into the technology of days gone by via a switchboard.

Using an app called Telegram that, similarly to WhatsApp, allows people to send texts through WiFi, Manuel created his own DIY project: the Yayagram.

Manuel explained that the name comes from the term “yaya,” which is the Castilian equivalent of “granny,” or “a warm way to refer to your grandmother.”

That is, of course, because the Yayagram was built especially for his beloved yaya!

His 96-year-old grandma currently lives in Burgos, Spain, with Manuel’s parents. Though Manuel also lives in the same city, that’s not the case for all of Yaya’s grandkids.

“Most of the grandchildren live outside of Burgos, and because of COVID movement restrictions, they can’t visit us and her,” Manuel said.

Not only that, but standard long-distance communication presents an entirely separate issue for Yaya, as she is hard of hearing and her arthritis makes typing on a phone or computer difficult. Wanting to keep her connected, Manuel had all the inspiration he needed to get to work on an innovative solution.

On his homemade switchboard, he added inputs that are labeled for each one of Yaya’s grandchildren. To send a message to one of her grandkids, all Yaya has to do is plug in a cable next to their name! She then holds down a recording button and speaks into the microphone attached to the board.

Voilà! The message is instantly sent to the respective grandchild’s phone just like any other audio message would be.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Manuel also developed a way for Yaya to receive texts by programming a built-in thermal printer to print off her incoming messages like a little receipt.

Because of Manuel’s creative solution, Yaya has everything she needs to communicate freely and independently!

“It empowers her and builds communication bridges with the rest of her grandchildren who are not lucky enough to live nearby,” Manuel said.

What an amazing way to support his yaya in her time of need! We’re so glad there are brilliant people like Manuel out there, who are making the world a better place one solution at a time!

For more insight into how his invention was made, head over to his Twitter, and don’t forget to share this story with a yaya in your own life.

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