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Man’s Mortifying Mishap Turns Into Blessing For DoorDasher He Accidentally Yelled At.

Who among us hasn’t lain awake at night thinking of all the dumb things we’ve ever done?

Mark Polchleb of Australia was absolutely mortified when he realized he’d accidentally yelled at the DoorDash driver who was delivering his McDonald’s order. It all started when Mark’s dogs went a bit batty when Sami the driver rang the doorbell. Mark was trying to quiet the animals when he inadvertently offended Sami.

Mark’s video footage shows poor Sami standing on his porch as the dogs bark inside the house. Suddenly you can hear Mark shout, “Get away from the door, mate!” He was talking to his dog, but it’s clear from Sami’s face and body language that he thought Mark was yelling at him. After quickly snapping a picture of the delivered bag, Sami slinks away looking sad.

When Mark looked at the doorbell video, he was crushed to realize how rude he sounded.

“It was too late to explain,” he recalled. “I couldn’t bear the thought of someone thinking I disrespected them for just doing their job!”

Mark made a TikTok video about the incident, which has since gone viral with more than 8.2 million views!


Im genuinely losing sleep over this. He was so sweet and my dog is a menace 🥺

♬ original sound – fiona’s gf

Many people shared their own embarrassing stories in the video’s comment section. Still others empathized with Mark and urged him to track Sami down to make things right.

“I’ve genuinely lost sleep over this,” Mark admitted in a follow-up TikTok.

After reaching out to DoorDash, Mark hit a wall when he learned there was no way to contact a DoorDash driver directly after the meal has been delivered. That’s when the internet worked its magic!

“It turns out, with the amazing thing that is TikTok, it took only two days to track him down,” Mark shared. “His daughter stumbled across my original TikTok after around 7 million views, and I was able to connect with her, and then her dad.”

Once he was in touch with Sami’s family, Mark made arrangements to meet him.

“This afternoon I got to head out and meet with my DoorDasher Sami to say thank you in person and make sure he was happy,” Mark said in another video.

Once the two men had exchanged hugs, Mark felt a lot better about the situation. But when he heard why Sami is working as a delivery driver, he knew he could do just a little bit more to even the score. It turns out that Sami has not seen his son for more than 10 years. He’s working to raise money to fly to Paris, France to see him, so Mark opened a GoFundMe to help him with the cost.

Once again, TikTokers came to the rescue! So far, they’ve raised more than $8,000 AUD to send Sami to France!

One last blessing: When DoorDash heard what happened, they gave Sami “Top Dasher” status for life, which essentially gives him a raise! What a happy accident this turned out to be. Maybe Mark should yell at more drivers in the future? We’re just kidding!

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