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Little Girl Clings To Store Mannequin For The Cutest Reason Ever.

mannequin brother

When you’re only three feet tall, most people look pretty much the same from your vantage point.

While shopping at an Old Navy store in Sanford, Florida, one sweet little girl spotted a mannequin that looked like someone she knew. Wrapping her little arms around the stiff, headless figure, the tiny tot refused to leave the store because she was convinced that he was none other than her big brother.


As her mom started filming the scene on her phone, the girl gets increasingly upset about leaving her “bruver.”

“You don’t want to leave your brother?” Her mom asks from behind the camera. “Noooo!” the girl whines, holding onto the dummy even tighter. Mom, who clearly sees the humor in this situation, pans the camera angle upwards so that we can see that the mannequin has no head, then says wryly, “Her brother.”

“My bruver!” the girl continues.


Finally, mom has to clue her in that this is not her, or anybody’s, flesh and blood.

“It’s a mannequin. Look, there’s no head!” Mom tells her. “They have no head.” The child’s reaction is absolutely priceless. She quickly flicks her eyes up towards the top of the model, then back to her mom, then back up to the other headless mannequins… and then she makes this face.


Oh my goodness, that is the look of pure disillusion and shock! This poor kid is going to grow up with trust issues – thanks, Old Navy.

After learning the truth about her brother, the little girl is distraught, but in the cutest way possible.


“Why does he have no head?” Mom asks her, to which she can only reply, “My brother don’t have a head!” She then makes a beeline for the store’s exit, because she’s clearly had enough of this duplicity for one day.

Poor kid – she just wanted to snuggle with her brother!

Watch the entire hilarious scene unfold below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today.

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