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Find Your Zen By Watching This Super Chill Koala Get The Most Relaxing Belly Rub.

Have you ever wondered what true relaxation is like?

Look no further than this story! In 2015, a video surfaced online of a koala receiving a belly rub, and just thinking about the pure bliss on its face is enough to make us feel better on a stressful day.


The precious moment was shared on YouTube by photographer and koala conservationist Mandie Lee, who has made it her mission to spread awareness of these endangered animals. After all, “it wouldn’t be Australia without them.”

In the video, we see Mandie giving a sweet koala a nice belly rub, and we’re pretty sure there’s never been anything cuter!

About halfway through the clip, her small friend takes her hand in its paw, gently smells it, and appears to give her a kiss. Then it tips its head back as if to say, “Yes, you may continue to scratch my stomach now.”


Being the animal lover that she is, Mandie can’t resist. She goes back to rubbing her pal’s tummy, and if the koala was feeling any kind of tension before, it certainly doesn’t appear to be now!

Keeping its paw wrapped around Mandie’s arm, the koala closes its eyes so it can fully appreciate the affection it’s receiving. Toward the end, a little smile stretches across its face, and we can’t blame it! How could anyone avoid basking in the luxury of such spa-like treatment?


What an uplifting way to spread awareness! Mandie is doing a great job of getting people to love these animals, and it’s all thanks to videos like this one.

Check out the adorable belly rub in the video below, and be sure to share it with your friends!

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