Man Tries Getting Into Disney World With 46-Yr-Old Ticket — And It Works!

A TikToker holds up a vintage Disney World ticket.

When TikToker Matthew Ables found an unused ticket to Disney World from 1978, he was curious to know if it was still valid. After all, there was no expiration date on it! So, he decided to take a trip to Florida to see if they would accept his 46-year-old artifact. He was totally surprised by the park’s response!

Before showing the results of his experiment, Matthew offered a little backstory on the Disney World ticket. Apparently, it’s been in his family for decades, but he only recently figured out that no one had ever used it. A current pass can cost over $160, but this vintage ticket was purchased for around $8.


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When Matthew arrived at Guest Relations, he explained his unique situation. At first, he thought they would reject his ticket, but instead they exchanged it for an updated Disney World pass. He was so surprised that this odd family keepsake actually got him into the park!

“I can’t believe this actually worked,” the TikToker said.

A TikToker holds up a vintage Disney World ticket.
Screengrab from TikTok

Some commenters argued that he should have sold the Disney World ticket to collectors instead of using it. However, Matthew assured them that it wouldn’t have been worth much.

“On eBay they go for less than the price of a current one day ticket,” he wrote back.

Disney World has certainly lived up to its reputation as a magical place by transforming Matthew’s vintage ticket into a brand-new pass. We’re so glad his fun experiment worked out!

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