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Man Starts Feeding Snaggletooth Stray Cat — Internet Goes Berserk.

murph the snaggletooth cat

When a stray cat appeared on Matt Robinson’s doorstep, he did what many most people would do… grabbed a bowl, picked up a bag of cat food, and made sure the kitty had something to eat and drink! But when he posted a video of the stray cat, who has an adorable snaggletooth sticking up from his mouth, he never would have guessed the reaction. 

snaggletooth cat

The cat, who he has named Murph, became an instant sensation. The video received hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments from people clamoring to hear more about this precious kitty. 

TikTok user Scarlett Williams commented, “GIVE US MORE VIDEOS OF THE CAT !! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEH WANT.” Another Tiktok user, June, chimed in, “Can you bring him inside?? He would like to be your friend!” Finally, TikTok user erin_elizabeth94 also called for more Murph content, stating, “I need more posts about this cat!! He looks just like my old grey boy who passed! Had the same tooth!”

Matt obliged with an additional video about Murph, in answer to one comment demanding more Murph content. 

murph the snaggletooth cat

In this video, Matt detailed more about the stray kitty, letting everyone know that he always has a bowl of food and water outside for the cat, and that he plans to build Murph a cat house for the winter so that he doesn’t get cold. 

Matt even placed Murph in some pretty big shoes, stating, “If there’s a face that could take over where Grumpy Cat left, I think it’s Murph.” 

murph the stray cat

This snaggletooth stray kitty has made his way into the hearts of thousands of viewers. Though Matt hasn’t brought the cat inside thus far, we’d be glad to boldly predict that Murph will eventually force Matt to cave and make him an inside kitty! In the meantime, we hope to get more updates about Murph on Matt’s TikTok page

You can see more about Murph below:

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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