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3rd Time’s The Charm! Man’s Relentless Search For Stranger’s Lost Ring Pays Off.

Trying to find a wedding ring at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean might seem like a fool’s errand, but not for Lou Asci!

The Marshfield, Massachusetts man was browsing Facebook when a post from Francesca Teal caught his eye. Francesca lives in Groveland, Massachusetts, but she and her husband recently spent the day at North Beach in Hampton, New Hampshire.

While playing football in the surf, Francesca’s cherished wedding and engagement band set fell off her finger. The soldered-together ring set is a family heirloom that once belonged to her grandmother, so she was devastated to lose it. When they couldn’t find the rings in the ever-shifting surf, she turned to a Hampton Beach Facebook page for help.

“Long shot here……… earlier today I was at The Wall, North Beach, Hampton N.H. & unfortunately lost my wedding ring in the ocean,” she wrote. “We searched for hours with no luck… hoping this gets to anyone who might have a metal detector and goes to north beach frequently.”

Thousands of people shared her post, and many people offered to bring metal detectors to the shore to help look for it. But only one man made finding Francesca’s lost rings as his personal mission: Lou Asci!

Lou specializes in lost item recovery and has reunited many people with their belongings. He checked the tide reports and headed to North Hampton to start searching. He left that first day empty-handed, but returned in a few days. In spite of the poor odds, he became determined to find the ring because he knew how much they meant to Francesca.

After three separate trips to North Hampton, Lou located the sparkling white diamond ring resting under 4 inches of sand on the ocean’s floor.

He was excited to finally message Francesca with a photo of the ring, joking, “Please tell me this is the ring so I can finally get off this beach.”

Once her ring was back on her finger, Francesca took to Facebook once again to thank Lou and the others for going out of their way to help her.

“I’m so happy to say – My ring was found and has been brought back to me!” she wrote. “Thank you to everyone who shared that post, sent well wishes or prayed to St. Anthony. But mostly thank you to Lou Asci & all the other very kind, generous & inspiring strangers that took time out of their days to search for it.”

Francesca added that she is “overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers!”

Meanwhile, Lou is searching for the owners of a man’s wedding band he discovered in the ocean while looking for Francesca’s item. The searching never stops for this helpful adventurer!

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