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Man Jumps Into River To Save Dog Desperately Treading Water

A man swims after a dog in the river while a woman watches anxiously.

One New Jersey man is being called a hero for his courageous efforts to save a stranger’s dog from drowning! A video of the incredible rescue has been going viral on social media. In the clip, you can see how one of the frantic owners watched helplessly as her pooch struggled against the Hudson River. Thankfully, that’s when a kind bystander started wading into the water.

Unfortunately, the dog was pretty far out at this point, so trying to save him wasn’t going to be easy for the man. In the footage, the pooch was little more than a black speck in the distance! Still, this good Samaritan wasn’t about to give up. He swam all the way out to where the pup was treading water.

This brave man jumped right into the Hudson River to save a dog!

“If you could just, like, swim behind him and scare him maybe towards us?” the dog mom shouted after him.

Although the dog seemed to have a few misgivings about the human coming to save him, he eventually stopped trying to swim away from the man. That’s when the guy was finally able to grab hold of the pooch and drag him to shore. The owners were beyond grateful to have their beloved pet back, safe and sound!

This video is receiving tons of views on YouTube. Commenters are truly impressed by this guy’s courageous animal rescue!

A man swims after a dog in the river while a woman watches anxiously.
Screengrab from YouTube

“Wow. Thank you for being the hero that pup needed,” one user wrote.

Another added, “This guy is a human angel.”

We’re not sure how this pup ended up in the Hudson River in the first place. It looks like he wasn’t on a leash, so it’s possible that he was let off for a run. However, he also could have accidentally gotten loose. Either way, we’re so glad that this man was willing to jump in and save the poor dog!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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