Homeless Stranger In Parking Lot Inspires Act Of Kindness.

When a man in Florida noticed a stranger in a minivan hanging out in the same parking lot night after night, he suspected the stranger might be up to no good.

But when he saw what was really going on, he not only had his faith in humanity restored but also got the opportunity to bless someone in need.

“So I usually keep my truck in the parking lot near my house and always used to see this guy in a minivan hanging out around the lot,” the man wrote on Facebook. “Always used to think he might steal something… but months went by and nothing was ever stolen.”

mini van

That’s when the man realized this guy was clearly down on his luck.

“Fast forward to 2 days ago, I walk up to this dude’s car at 11 at night to give him a few bucks for food, and there he is studying multiple mechanic handbooks line by line to trying to better himself. This guy could be begging on any street… and here he is sleeping his his car, bettering every aspect of himself in the hopes that he will find work as an auto mechanic.”

It turned out the stranger is named Loncelot Edwards and, despite being homeless, he is a certified auto mechanic.

“So the first thing I did was hire him to change my truck’s oil,” continued the man. “Loncelot handed me his card that he had made at the public library out of paper.”

auto work

Looking at the scrappy homemade card, the man suddenly realized how he could help Loncelot.

“The card definitely could’ve used some improvements, so I’ve made him 500 new biz cards to get him up and running.”


Finally, he gave Lancelot a shoutout on the Facebook post.

“Please call Lancelot Edwards if you need any mobile mechanic work in South Florida! Also, any of my friends on here in the auto biz looking to add employees, this guy has extraordinary work ethic.”

Not only did Loncelot’s drive and persistence inspire this man, but now this man’s kindness has inspired a host of others. Goodness has a way of creating a ripple effect, doesn’t it?

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