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Man Gives Donkey Cutest Pep Talk, “One Of The Most Handsome Donkeys I’ve Ever Seen”

Images show a man giving a donkey a pep talk. Left image shows the words, "Just keep a very positive mental attitude." Right image has the words, "And a positive self-image. Very important, okay?"

Every living, sentient being needs a little encouragement now and again. Humans do this ritual daily without considering the boost they offer a friend. Choruses of “Good luck” precede sporting events, dates, job interviews, and more. We tell a spouse how great dinner is. Kids clean their rooms and complete their homework; we’re proud of them. You only have to listen to realize someone always gives or receives encouraging words. But what if it’s your donkey that needs a little pep talk?

Well, you encourage your little donkey to help them face the day! In a video post on Instagram, a man is seen giving his very expressive donkey a pep talk.

The man begins by talking about perception, calmly explaining, “What you see in the mirror is just your perception, okay? It doesn’t have to be like that.” He continues telling the sad-looking little donkey that others see them differently. Giggling, the man adds that the camera adds ten pounds and not to worry about that either. The donkey is calmly looking directly at the camera while the man talks.

As the donkey pep talk continues, the poor little donkey seems emotional. You can see his bottom lip quivering. It almost appears as if the little critter is going to cry. The man tells the donkey to keep a positive mental attitude and self-image. Then the man leans in and gives the donkey a forehead kiss.

Image shows a man giving his donkey a little pep talk about perception, self-image, and a positive mental attitude.
Image from Instagram.

This caring man tells the donkey he is probably one of the most handsome donkeys he has ever seen. We hope the donkey pep talk was as encouraging for the donkey as it is for us.

Donkey Pep Talk Converts To Good Advice For Humans, Too

Listening to this man’s donkey pep talk, it is easy to understand his message and translate it into human interaction. Perception is how you see yourself. Listen to your friends when they compliment you. Thank them and take that message to heart. Keeping a positive self-image is integral to inner happiness. We should all be sending this message out loud and clear!

Image shows a man ending a heart-to-heart talk with his donkey by giving the animal a forehead kiss.
Image from Instagram.

And never forget the forehead kiss! When offering a pep talk to anyone, human, animal, or even yourself, seal it with that forehead kiss. The motion may not seem like much, but it carries the tender, loving care of every grandma and mommy kiss a person has ever received. Why do we stop giving forehead kisses when our kids grow up? We shouldn’t. Just because our kids don’t have “boo-boos” later in life doesn’t mean they don’t need a boo-boo kiss occasionally!

We hope you gained some inspiration from this donkey pep talk. Remember that YOU MATTER. Have a great day, and be confident you are worthy of love. Share this with someone who might need a little pep talk and a forehead kiss today.

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